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Enhancing your buildings with Model Builder

Model Builder is the perfect way to create buildings for your model railroad project; it gives you hundreds of options that allow you to design an unlimited number of buildings for your towns.
There is more that you can do to enhance the buildings you have created, making them look even better and change good looking buildings to prize winning finished products.

Layering for a dimensional look:
While the buildings that are created using Model Builder look great when they are printed out, some people want to have a more dimensional appearance. You can easily do this this.  Create that dimensional look without having to use other materials which can add hours to your project. Once you have your design finished and printed out, take a look at what you want to add dimension to.

If for example you want your windows to look like the frames are dimensional then go back into Model Builder and print out one or more copies of the windows you used.
Take these prints and carefully cut just the frames out and glue them one at a time onto your printed building.
The same process can be used for door frames and any other feature you want to give dimension to.

Extra Materials:
Many of the buildings you will want to add to your layout have additions such as rafters and posts as well as porches and driveways etc.
You can use Model Builder to create the finishes for these and then glue them onto the stock that you are using to create the item or you can use things like balsa wood to craft your rafters and glue them onto your buildings.
You can also take small pieces of wood and create items like door frames and window frames to give you new buildings a three dimensional appearance as opposed to layering printed ones.
Using extras such as bushes and trees around your new building will give them a much more realistic look by adding depth and dimension to their surroundings.

If your are modeling a gas station and garage then make sure to add lots of signage and piles of junk, Model Builder has images of junk piles you can print laying up against your walls.

Signs and Other Thoughts:
No town is complete without billboards and signs, you can use Model Builder to import images of any sign you want.
The designers of Model Builder offer separate software that covers hundreds of different customized signs.

One of the most neglected areas is the inside of your building, you can use Model Builder to create interiors and furnishing for the inside of your building or just for wall and floor finishing then, add furniture to create that finished look.

Of course if you are planning to do this you will need to carefully cut out the window panes and replace them with clear acetate so that everyone can see your painstaking craftsmanship.

Backdrops and cityscapes
If your backdrop is nothing more than a painted scene you can use Model Builder to create a fantastic backdrop that with a little extra time and effort can easily become a small city of varying dimensions.
Imagine turning that painted sky into a small cityscape by doing nothing more than printing out the scene and gluing it all together.

The ways to enhance your building and model railroad layout are endless and with a little practice and imagination your layout will be the talk of your model railroader's club.

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