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Other Fun Ideas for Your Model Builder Program

While the Model Builder software was designed for everyone to use for creating their towns and cities. There are several other fun ways to use it. In fact with a little imagination there are no limits to the amount of fun you can have creating with Model Builder.


This is the perfect use for Model Builder software and in fact many of the common scales used in Wargaming are included in the program. Setting up a table top battlefield has often involved countless hours of buying expensive models just to semi-destroy them to make them look like they have been ravaged by months or even years of warfare. Now you can do it all so much easier by importing custom layouts into Model Builder and printing out exactly what you need.

Building Interiors:

With the large number of materials that come pre-loaded in Model Builder along with the ease of adding more, this program lends itself very well to being used to create building interiors for your model railroad. For many railroaders this has always been a problem, to the point that many do not even bother, now you can add interior details form carpets to wallpaper into your buildings. For those who work in larger scales such as O or bigger this will be especially handy.

Doll Houses:

With the large selection of materials that you can print using Model Builder you can make your next doll house project into a show piece. By using the different materials you can create interior walls, floor coverings and even furnishings. You can use imported images to print out complete interiors from pictures on the TV set to paintings for the walls, all adjusted to the scale of the house you are building. The possibilities are endless limited only by your imagination and how far you want to go.


Every school kid has had to build at least several dioramas in their lifetime and naturally this means Mom and Dad have to help them out. Model Builder lends itself so well to this task. It allowings you to create any building you could ever need for a diorama. By using Model Builder along with a graphics program such as Adobe Elements or Corel Paintshop you can create anything your child could ever need for his or her diorama. Using Model Builder is sure to help them get a great grade on their next project while making it more fun for you to help them out.


Now that you have all of your building ideas ready to go or already built, it is time to think about the rest of your layout, tabletop battleground or diorama. While Model Builder was designed primarily to create custom buildings there is so much more it can do. Using the templates that are included and the tools in the program you can take textures such as wood siding and crop them down to one plank width. Take this and wrap it around a round shape like a pencil to create logs or phone poles. Or use the wood patterns to make lumber loads for your flat cars. Use other textures to make other types of rolling stock loads. There are even patterns included for creating water towers.
You can even create fun things to put out in the yards such as slides and dog houses or made some horse drawn wagons.
Using Model Builder to accessorize your model railroad can make the difference between a layout that is ho hum and one that gets everybody's admiration, the only limit is your imagination.

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