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The following are some Frequently Asked Questions, click a question to read the answer.

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At the top of the homepage, there is a button to click to get you to the upload page.
If you are not already a member of the site, you will need to select a username and password and input your email. This is a necessary step to prevent abuse of the sharing site. Please please remember the name you choose! We can help retrieve your password but we cannot help with user names / email addresses.
Please visit the Send Password page.
An MB4 file is a model design file created with Model Builder, a Windows desktop application.

- Model Builder is a program that allows you to make buildings and building flats for model train layouts. Model Builder has 500+ different materials, covering 34 categories; from windows and doors to brick and siding. You can tile, overlap or re-size materials to create custom buildings. Select what you need then print out your finished building designs in your scale.
To the right of the "Browse" button for MB4's there is a link that says "[+] mb4".
You can click that link before uploading your MB4 to add an additional file upload field to the form. You may upload a total of 10 MB4 files at once this way.
On Microsoft Windows, pressing the Print Screen (prt scr) keyboard key captures a screenshot of the entire desktop area, and places it in the clipboard.
Windows does not save the screenshot to an image file. You must paste the image into a separate imaging program such as Microsoft Paint, which is built-in on all Windows Computers for saving.

Windows Vista
includes a utility called Snipping Tool
Search for the Snipping Tool from your Start Menu. It is a very handy screen-capture tool that allows for taking and saving screenshots of windows, rectangular areas, or a free-form area that you "snip".
You can upload a picture of your finished model using the "browse" for image key. Finished model pictures are great! They help others "see" how the model will assemble, and how it will look on their layout
The name of the primary structure in your model design, such as a "Gas Station", "Bank", or "Warehouse".
No, not at this time. Please Contact Us and we'll remove the file so you can re-upload it to the proper category at your leisure.
Detail about what your design is of or includes, such as "Rundown Mom & Pop store. Old-fashioned signage included.".
1.) If you haven't registered with us, please make sure you've selected "Register" on the upload form and enter your desired Username and Password along with your email address to register. You will be registered and your upload should begin.

2.) If you're already registered with us, please make sure you've selected "Login" on the upload form and have entered your Username and Password (case sensitive) correctly as this is the most common cause.
A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test we use to ensure that the upload form is not being completed by a malicious computer script. Because a computer script is unable to see the six numbers on the image, any user entering a match is presumed to be human and accepted.
Read more about Model Builder here: Model Builder FAQs
contact us at: webmaster@evandesignsmodelbuilder.com and we will add your question and it's answer to this page.
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